Richard Blunt

Richard Blunt is a figurative artist whose work takes after the likes of Jack Vettriano and Edward Hopper. His realist paintings have a captivating air of mystery, offering a nostalgic depiction of present day scenes in a timeless style.


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Born and raised in Stourbridge, Richard Blunt had what he calls a "happy but pretty average childhood for a kid growing up in the eighties". His parents actively encouraged him to appreciate art, leading to a lifelong interest in the subject. However, after being deterred in his late teens by a guidance counsellor who told him that there was little money to be made as an artist, it took him a decade to go back to painting. Instead, he took up a brief stint studying 3D design at Worcester College Of Art.


After dropping out of that course, Blunt found himself homeless and adrift. It was at this point that he made the decision to go back to university, studying at the University of South Wales in Cardiff. Although he kept his one-time guidance counsellor's advice in mind by choosing to enrol in a Popular Music course-gaining a first in the process-he never stopped painting.


During his time as a student, Blunt balanced his love of music and fine art, performing in bands whilst making oil paintings in his spare time. However, his priority at the time was music, as he noted in an interview: "The idea of being stuck in a studio on my own all day...didn't really appeal as much as the madness of being in ab and with friends". He met with success in both fields, though commissioned paintings from family and friends actually helped him pay for his degree. Not long after graduating in 2010, Blunt's career as a painter began to take off, exhibiting since 2011 and selling his work to local galleries at first, before gaining the interest of collectors around the country and taking his talents to the national stage.


Blunt prepares for his oil paintings by taking photographs of himself in the poses of his subjects, in order to best capture the light and shadow of a scene. He cites Vermeer and Caravaggio as his most significant influences, but lets the changing circumstances of his own life be the biggest inspiration on his work. Consequently, as his personal life began to settle down, so did his paintings, recent examples of which shine with a contentedness and optimism not seen in his earlier work.


Richard Blunt works and lives in Cardiff with his partner.