Courty, or Robert Court as he is known to friends and family, consistently pushes the boundaries of contemporary neon art with his bold and captivating illuminations. Having being immersed in the medium for three decades, Courty has fine-tuned his skills in the art of neon, mastering the 100 year old tradition of glassblowing tube lights and demanding our attention with his radiant masterpieces.


His work is often imbued with nostalgic overtones that hark back to the audacious strip club signage of yesteryear, but he is equally adept at delivering incredibly poignant messages with beautifully delivered written word. A true artisan in his craft, Courty’s spellbinding neon signs are nothing short of magical.


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Born in 1970 in the market town of Romford in Essex, Robert Keith Court took an interest in neon art from an early age – an interest which eventually earned him the childhood nickname ‘Courty’, adopted for signature reference to his collection of signed neon artworks.


Courty is not a classically trained artist. Instead, he has worked from industry ground level after dropping out of school in 1987. While studying for his A levels, Courty had a part-time job drawing up designs for a neon sign company. In the late eighties, he was offered a full-time role and became integrally involved in creating neon lit backdrops for theatre, TV and international film sets.


He has since spent a lifetime working hands on with creatives, transforming vague ideas and visions into spectacular illuminated masterpieces. Working from his East London studio, Courty has routinely found himself commissioned to illuminate the streets of his beloved London. It’s highly likely that, if you’ve culturally circumnavigated to the UK capital in recent years, you have unknowingly encountered his enchanting graphic handiwork in restaurants, bars and window displays.

Beyond his frequent flirtations of a commercial nature in and around London, Courty has also been privileged to work in collaboration with many famous names and senior figures. He has earned a reputation among the rich and famous as a “go to” artist, respected for his privacy in relation to commissioned personal artworks and his ability to keep a lid on his many starry connections.


Having fabricated personal neon messages and vivid illuminations on behalf of celebrities and world leaders, Courty’s sublime work is showcased in some of the most exclusive estates, prestigious galleries and renowned art institutions across the globe.


Although immensely proud that his artworks have scaled the heights of stardom, Courty remains incredibly humble and has never abandoned his working class roots. He ensures that his art is available at all financial levels, making his work accessible and affordable to all neon art enthusiasts.