Elsbeth Shaw

Surrounded by Fashion, Architecture and Design from an early age it was inevitable that I would find my vocation within one of these disciplines. As it happens, I found myself taking all of them in many different forms. Fashion Buyer, Disney Employee, Event Organiser, Mother, Interior Architect, Furniture Designer and Agent. I have honed my visual skills and worked towards my true path as an Artist. I cannot be more thrilled to be here now, to paint, to draw, to design, to produce, to explore. This new body of work has stemmed from my love for design and fashion; taking visual cues from art history and the brilliant works of Yayoi Kusama and Chuck Close, combining their influences into a unique and original art form all of my own. 
With a passion for architectural precision and organic mark making I have discovered a way in which to create this new work combining all these elements.
Some of my earliest memories were attending fashion shows, wide eyed as models glided towards me. To my eight year old self these long limbed beautiful beings dressed in the finest creations captured my imagination … they were my fairytales  …
Even now, all these moons later, I am still as intoxicated by their lure as I was then.