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  • Audrey Hepburn, 1966
    Audrey Hepburn, 1966

    Terry O'Neill is a British photographer whose work is hanging in national art galleries and private collections the world over. Terry O'Neill is primarily known for his distinctive and idiosyncratic style of candid portraits taken of celebrities since the 1960's. His fame arose from his ability to capture the aesthetic, fashion and style of these celebrities while also using unconventional settings, locations and backgrounds. This uncustomary style of candid photography helps to distinguish Terry O'Neill's work and allowed him to become one of the most famous and widely collected living photographers of our time.

    Born in London on the 30th of July 1939, Terry O'Neill's photographic career began while working as a commercial photographer for 'The Daily Sketch'. His work for the tabloid newspaper, in which he captured portraits of public figures such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Royal Family, were noted for their intimate composition and unstaged quality. It can be said that no other living photographer has embraced and captured the span and many styles of fame quite like Terry O'Neill. His snapshots of icons such as Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Frank Sinatra and every James Bond from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig cement Terry O'Neill as a defining and powerful force in the world of photography. His images have embellished everything from rock albums, to magazine covers to film posters and have helped to outline the collective image of our most famous celebrities, as well defining the "look" of the Swingin' Sixties in London.

  • Bob Dylan - Iron Works

    Iron working, something that wouldn't immediately spring to mind when thinking of legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. But, according to the artist himself: "I’ve been around iron all my life ever since I was a kid, I was born and raised in iron ore country”— “where you could breathe it and smell it every day. And I’ve always worked with it in one form or another.”


    'Iron Wall Hanging III' measuring 37 1/8 x 37 1/8 x 2 1/2 is made out of a recycled iron chain welded into a circle with a variety of iron and recycled vintage objects inside of it. This sculpture acts as an artistic representation of Dylan's upbringing, with a variety of metal tools and scrap metal instruments, such as a spanner, horseshoe and gears. It encapsulates his boyhood growing up around these implements and a great iron industry, especially in the mining of iron ore. 

    He calls these sculptures "Gates" as they act as a means to transport the viewer into the time and place of his youth. They are portals into another world, one of industry, mines and furnaces. These sculptures are not Dylan's first venture into the world of metal work however. In 1978, Dylan told the Minnesota Times that when he returns to his home state: "I like to blast sculpture out of metal". 


    Bob Dylan art for sale



  • Michael Olsen, The Butterfly Artist

    Michael Olsen is one Britians leading lepidopterogical artists. His hand painted butterflies on feathers stand out as truly unique and beautiful works of art.

    Inspired by the Butterfly Domes of the Victorian era Olsen has created pieces that embody that style, but with a contemporary twist. His butterflies are encased within a box of acrylic, giving the impression that they are floating in space. Olsen, in his work is able to bring the beauty and colour of nature into people's homes.

    Olsen has had a life-long fascination for nature and especially butterflies. He admits that he finds the moment when a butterfly stops to let an onlooker admire it's form utterly captivating. His work is an attempt to recreate this experience. Bring one fleeting moment of unity with a creature to life in ways that can't be imagined. His pieces are both large enough, and hold within them enough detail for them to be admired on a daily basis, but yet always find something new, to find within his work a new story. This, it can be said, is indicative of nature itself, where even if one looks into the same garden every day, there will always be something new to see if one takes the time to really observe.

    Olsen's previous work was in retail, but spent a great deal of his time creating things simply for his own pleasure, or for a practical purpose. He has now embraced his artistic impulses and has set out on a new venture, turning what once was a hobby into a new and exciting journey of artistic expression and discovery.


  • Ronnie Wood

    The Artist Behind the Guitar
    John, 2002
    John, 2002

    Ronnie Wood is a man of many talents, primarily known for being one quarter of The Rolling Stones the English musician and songwriter has enjoyed a life in the limelight. But it was from this very fame that Wood used painting to escape from. Using his talents he developed while receiving a formal art training at The Ealing School of Art he found a peaceful solace in his painting, a creative outlet away from the scrutiny of the press who often commented on his lifestyle.

  • Sebastian Krüger

    From Caricature to the new wave of Pop Realism
    Sebastian Krüger
    German artist Sebastian Krüger, after completing his university degree, worked as a commercial painter, whose talents were used to design and illustrate various LP covers in both his native Germany and abroad. However Krüger, who desired to work entirely as a free painter, used this exposure as a stepping stone in order to hone his own artistic abilities as well as make a name for himself as one of the top 'star caricaturist' artists.


  • Bob Dylan - Train Tracks

    Why Train Tracks is Bob Dylan’s most popular work
    Bob Dylan - Train Tracks

    Train Tracks was part of the original collection of paintings by Bob Dylan entitled Drawn Blank. The paintings derive from sketches he made whilst on tour in the 80s and 90s and were first exhibited in Germany in 2007. This exhibition marked the first time legendary musician Dylan had publicly shown a major body of artwork. 



    Bob Dylan art for sale



  • Interview with Daniel Hooper

    From building site to building a masterpiece.

  • John Myatt, artist
    John Myatt, artist

    Canvas Gallery is proud to be hosting an exhibition of works from John Myatt, the artist famed for producing  remarkable 'genuine fakes' of world famous artists. In this exclusive interview, John explains more about his journey from prison to highly respected artist, and why the Mona Lisa - his latest project - is so legendary.

  • What’s it like to ‘own’ the Mona Lisa?

    It's the world's most famous painting, provoking endless debates and enthralling millions. Thanks to John Myatt, you can now own a 'genuine fake' Mona Lisa. What makes this painting endure and what would it be like to own your own version of this legendary work? 

  • A Spoonful of Sugar - JJ Adams
    A Spoonful of Sugar - JJ Adams

    Here are the five artists making waves today who are also likely to become highly collectable in the future. 


  • Dan Pearce - Marilyn Hot Lips
    Dan Pearce - Marilyn Hot Lips

    We’re proud to show the latest work from two of the country’s most exciting artists, Dan Pearce and Mark Grieves.

  • Bob Dylan art, portrait of Bob Dylan © John Shearer
    Bob Dylan art, portrait of Bob Dylan © John Shearer

    The music of Bob Dylan has been played countless times and the lyrics dissected by those looking to derive meaning. Now his fans are experiencing the essence of Dylan through an entirely new medium. 



    Bob Dylan art for sale



  • Bob Dylan - The Painter

    Bob Dylan art, Drawn Blank and The Brazil Series
    Bob Dylan - Bragg Apartment
    Bob Dylan - Bragg Apartment

    At Canvas Gallery, we're privileged to sell works from some of the most exciting and highly regarded artists in the world. In this series of blogs, we introduce our artists, starting with  the legendary musician Bob Dylan.


    Bob Dylan art for sale