Bob Dylan - Train Tracks

  • Bob Dylan - Train Tracks

    Why Train Tracks is Bob Dylan’s most popular work
    Bob Dylan - Train Tracks

    Train Tracks was part of the original collection of paintings by Bob Dylan entitled Drawn Blank. The paintings derive from sketches he made whilst on tour in the 80s and 90s and were first exhibited in Germany in 2007. This exhibition marked the first time legendary musician Dylan had publicly shown a major body of artwork. 


    Since Drawn Blank Dylan has had several sell out shows and is now seen as a legitimate visual artist in his own right.


    And Train Tracks continues to be one of his most collected works and certainly in financial terms one of the most valuable. Why? Most likely the story of Train Tracks is intertwined with the craft Dylan is most revered for: music.


    Aside from the linguistic connection of Train Tracks to Dylan's 1975 album, Blood on the Tracks (Blood on the Tracks is widely accepted to be one of Dylan's greatest albums, produced during a turbulent time in the artist's life, and consistently ranks in the top 20 albums of all time), the tracks disappearing into the distance evoke notions of life on the road. Dylan observing the world as he travels from gig to gig, a theme which runs throughout the Drawn Blank series.


    Two reasons among many more subtle why Train Tracks have proven to be so popular. As much as Dylan's talent diversifies, he is best known for his music. And this is why Train Tracks, with its direct connection to his famous musical career, continues to be so loved.


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