Alisa Kostkina

Artist's statement......


"Being born and raised in the country that no longer is where conformity was highly praised and rewarded imprinted on my childhood until I found my true self in art. Growing in Saint Petersburg, I spent numerous hours in Hermitage and Russian Museum fascinated by masterpieces on display but cubism artists forged a sacred space in my soul. Among others, Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky, Lyubov Popova and Vladimir Lebedev drew particular interest. 


With “wind of changes” transforming every aspect of Soviet society, my first timid steps in painting cracked the shell of self reservation. Furthermore, I realised that working in cubism allowed me to cross boundaries of conformity, to be different and not afraid of being misunderstood. I started voicing my opinions freely through the universal language of art. 


Career in modelling and cross cultural experience of living in Paris, Tokyo, Moscow and London added more “colors” to my palette of diversity. Depicted characters brought to life through prism of my emotions at particular moment in time is my reflection of life events requiring the answers. Time is suspended and my answers immortalised on the canvas. Informational overload, bustling, media hype - all external influences cease to exist. My mind is freed and my art is sublimation of my inner self that I am willing to share with outside world."