William Thomas

William Thomas spends much of his time in the French mountains, drawing inspiration from the stunning natural scenery for his paintings. Snow-capped peaks in the French Alps often form the subjects of his work, while sailing boats and the movement of the sea are also widely explored.


A self-taught artist, Thomas has been painting for more than 20 years. His work often takes the form of large scale oil paintings on canvas, showcasing his diverse skills.


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William Thomas has lived in London since his early twenties, but his love of travel means he is often away from home finding inspiration for his next project. His nomadic lifestyle has impacted his artistic style, allowing him to develop his approach to painting natural scenes.


When not being an urbanite Thomas surrounds himself in nature, experiences that frequently become focal points in his work. Snowy mountain scenes from Verbier, Val D'Isere and Tignes in the French Alps are among his most popular works, along with canvases that portray sailing boats moving through water, transient sea spray and waves veiling the vessels behind. He has also painted animal portraits, including a recent collection of stag paintings.


It's not just nature that inspires Thomas' work; he has also painted landscapes of historical London landmarks, such as St Paul's Cathedral, amongst the new and emerging features of the cityscape. 


Befitting of the mountains he paints, Thomas' paintings are often large in scale. So large, in fact, that they can only be fully appreciated when viewed in person. After gallery shows in London as well as his home away from home in France, it's clear William Thomas doesn't plan to scale down his ambitions any time soon.