Kimberley Harris

Kimberley Harris is an oil landscape artist focused on capturing the natural beauty of the countryside. From portraying meadows and cornfields bursting with colour, to depicting the eerie beauty of derelict buildings, Harris is intent on encapsulating the soul and atmosphere of these places on canvas.


Harris has honed her style from her deep enchantment with light, shadows, and how they affect each other at various times of the day. All of her paintings go through a process of layering, blending, and palette knife work to ensure the texture, tone and light does justice to the places she portrays.


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Kimberly Harris became enamoured with painting after being taken by her father to a JMW Turner exhibition at the Tate Gallery as a child. Nine years later, in 2005, she gained a Diploma in Art and Design, but only re-ignited her passion for painting in 2014.


She tried her hand at jewellery design, but ultimately always felt that painting was her true creative calling. After meeting and being encouraged by fellow Suffolk artist David Porteous-Butler, Harris decided to pick up the brush again. Porteous-Butler had a huge impact on her painting style by introducing her to oils and the palette knife, with the latter becoming invaluable to her aesthetic.


Residing in Suffolk, Kimberley Harris’ paintings are often inspired by the beautiful countryside that surrounds her. Speaking about this, she said: “Nature will always be close to me as the most wonderful subject. Growing up in a very rural location I have great memories of walking the dog in the months of summer as dusk falls and the sky is a palette of pink hues. Light & shadows play a massive part in my pieces.”


Although most of her paintings depict countryside scenes, she also has a penchant for drawing abandoned buildings, explaining: “I have always had a fascination with derelict buildings, the appearance of decay and emotional presence of history and abandonment can translate beautifully onto canvas.”


Harris is inspired by both the impressionist and romanticism movements, and claims her favourite painting is the The Boulevard Montmartre at Night by Camille Pissarro, commending the atmosphere and presence of the piece. She also cites Led Zeppelin, Seasick Steve and Fleetwood Mac as creative muses.


Harris launched her first solo exhibition in the UK in 2016 at the Cloud Gallery in West Sussex, and has since featured in galleries throughout the UK.