Dan Pearce

London-based mixed media artist Dan Pearce combines street art, stencil and fine art techniques to create colourful, multilayered digital work. His work takes inspiration from graffiti and iconic portraits, often completely transforming famous faces with his own inimitable style.


Pearce blurs the lines between new media, pop, and digital art, creating bright pieces with a range of mediums. His work has been exhibited in a number of galleries around the UK, while London’s Shortlist magazine has hailed Pearce as one of the UK’s most collectible emerging artists.


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Dan Pearce started his art career studying a (BA) Hons degree in Jewellery Design at his local college in Merseyside. After graduating, he returned to his native Australia and set up home in Sydney for seven years. During this time, Pearce honed his digital design skills and realised his passion for stencil art. He immersed himself in artwork using hand cut stencils and spray paint, heavily influenced by stencil masters ELK and C215.


This passion for street art is prevalent in Pearce’s works, which are bright, colourful and multifaceted. His artwork regularly combines finely grained backgrounds with drops of resin, creating sensory pieces that are not only visually pleasing but also satisfying to touch.

Speaking about the different materials used, Dan Pearce explains: “I use a process of amalgamating ingredients like polished metals, rich resins, grinding gradients, intricate stencils and a large portion of urban mix to create a vivid, engaging world of iconic portraits.”


Many of Pearce’s work juxtaposes street art with fine art, such as traditional drawing and painting. Working with classic portraits of pop culture icons, such as David Bowie, Amy Winehouse and Marilyn Monroe, Pearce adds his signature graffiti twist with spray paints, stencils and bold colours.


Drawing on his experience working in digital design, Pearce gives his paintings a polished finish, blurring the lines between digital and physical art. He achieves this industrial finish by having the image sit tight within its frame, giving a tailored feel to the end result.


While his work draws influence from pop culture, a recent project saw Pearce take on a more ethical issue. His mixed media collection, Endangered, featured some of the world’s endangered species as subjects including elephants, orangutans and rhinoceroses. For this project, Pearce used new materials including hand cut glass and shattered glass; mediums that echo the fragile future of these vulnerable animals.


Dan Pearce lives in London with his wife and two sons. In order to balance his artist life, digital design business and family duties, Pearce built a studio and office at the bottom of his garden where he works. He has been exhibiting his artwork throughout the UK and internationally since 2011.