Eva Sereny

EVA SERENY began her career as a photographer and rapidly established an international reputation for herself. Her work has appeared in and on the covers of the major magazines. LIFE, VOGUE, ELLE, PARIS MATCH, HARPERS BAZAAR, MARIE CLAIRE, VANITY FAIR, TIME, NEWSWEEK to name a few.


In addition to her editorial photography, she has worked as a 'special' photographer on movies with many of the major directors, STEVEN SPIELBERG, TRUFFAUT, FELLINI, SYDNEY POLLACK, BERTOLUCCI, ZINNERMANN, MIKE NICHOLS, POLANSKI, MARTY RITT, LEVINSON, VISCONTI, and GEORGE LUCAS. During this time she developed a passion for cinema direction and her many years on the studio floor more than prepared her for that role. After completing work on her first film 'THE DRESS' as director, this 30 minute short film, starring Michael Palin and Phyllis Logan, co-financed by Paramount and the National Film Finance Corporation received the BRITISH ACADEMY AWARD and the CHICAGO GOLDEN PLAQUE.


A few years later she directed her first full length feature film 'FOREIGN STUDENT' in Virginia for a Universal distribution, starring Robin Givens and Marco Hofschneider. Menno Meyes adapted the script from Philippe Labro's best seller. Eva has also directed a major one hour documentary on a World boxing champion - BARRY McGUIGAN - for international television, certain scenes will be included again in a new ITV production. She has also been successfully engaged in directing commercials, promos and documentary profiles in England and France.


Apart from her role as a director, Eva had a photo book on ROMY SCHNEIDER published. She is now preparing a new book project which will include celebrities of the 70's 80's and the initial years of the 90's. Recently, her work has appeared in a Paris exhibition dedicated to ROMY SCHNEIDER. The publicity poster was Eva's photo. Her work has also been included in the Sunday Times Magazine 's 50th Anniversary at the National Portrait Gallery in London.