Laure Bury

Laure exhibits her paintings across the south west of England, London, Paris and Spain. They can be found in private collections across Mexico, USA, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.


Artist and art columnist, Laure has found inspiration in the diversity of colours and textures of nature and the natural landscape. The vibrant and contrasting colours of her work reflect the warmth and richness of the Mexican and Spanish cultures as well as the more gentle light of the south west of England.


"I work mainly in oils, starting with a bright foundation layer. I then build up layers of paint, allowing flashes of bright base colour to show through. This helps to create the light that is so important in my paintings.


Although my preparation includes an amount of research, the final canvas is painted instinctively, guided by my intuition. I create powerful colour compositions that express a depth of emotions. My art is a tangible and universal expression of the triumph of the human spirit".