Five artists to watch - and collect

September 11, 2017
A Spoonful of Sugar - JJ Adams
A Spoonful of Sugar - JJ Adams

JJ Adams


If you’ve walked past Canvas Gallery recently, you would have undoubtedly seen the uber cool Julia Roberts ( title 'White KnIght' ) artwork on display. This stunning and often commented-on piece is by JJ Adams.


He is part of the vanguard movement which combines fine-art techniques with pop-art sensibilities and popular culture motifs. Inspired by icons such as Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie, the Blues Brothers and the 80s in general, JJ has a unique and impactful style that appeals to the ‘geek’ zeitgeist.


JJ Adams overview and work




Bob Dylan


An undisputed titan of popular music, Bob Dylan has transcended art forms to become a highly sought after visual artist. Like his music, his drawings and paintings perform artistic alchemy by combining mundanity with a powerful other worldliness. The impact of this blend of styles means that Dylan would likely have become a famous artist without the huge advantage of already being a cultural icon. He is, simply put, a creative genius and his artistic legacy cannot be underestimated.


Bob Dylan overview and work




John Myatt


Every artist has a story to tell, but few are as compelling as John Myatt's.  His extraordinary talent in mimicking famous works of art allowed him to produce more than 200 fakes, many of which were bought for huge sums by reputable dealers who believed they were genuine.  Unsurprisingly, this led to short prison sentence for art fraud. 


Now applying his skills in a more productive and legally acceptable way, John has become the undisputed master of producing ‘genuine fakes’.  He has appeared on Sky Arts, painting portraits of celebrities including Frank Skinner, Paul O'Grady and Catherine Tate. His original 'fakes' are also extremely highly regarded and sought after, with his story adding to the air of intrigue.


John Myatt overview and work





Robert Oxley


When it comes to catching the eye in Canvas Gallery, few artists have the clout of Robert Oxley.  Producing works which he describes as ‘psychedelic natural history’, Oxley’s animal portraits are alarmingly distorted, richly detailed and beautifully coloured. His work is original and striking - he is certainly in the category of ‘one to watch’.


He says “My work appears loose and free but is in fact complex, which is what nature is all about.”


In our view, his original paintings are still very well priced (assuming you can actually find one).


Robert Oxley - an overview and latest work




Marvel / Stan Lee signed prints


Marvel creator Stan Lee may not fit the profile of a typical artist, but is proving to be highly collectible regardless. Our Stan Lee signed prints are bought by collectors around the world and as Marvel continues to dominate the box office by transferring its extensive canon to the big screen, the popularity of the characters and therefore collectibles continues to grow.


Stan Lee signed prints



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